Hello! What can I do for you?

You might have found this website looking for a coach and in that case you have come to the right place. If you click around here you might find out that I offer Online coaching, Personal training and Workshops in Handstand, Strength and Flexibility but before you go on let me first explain my vision and philosophy.

Going from an un-flexible football player to doing handstands and splits I have learned that I believe in a body that can do things. A body that can carry you through your whole life, pain free, strong, flexible and purely awesome! I believe in having an open mind to try and explore new things. Not to necessarily be best at something but to become better!

I want to help you discover the joy of movement and how good it can make you feel. Sure it’s also nice to have a ripped body and being good at training and perform well in the gym. But you know what is even nicer? Being good at life. Being a nice friend. A good human being.

If this sounds like something you can resonate, then please send me a message for a free consultation and we’ll talk!