How to loose 5 kg in one week!

There, now I hopefully got your attention. Sorry to dissapoint you, but this article won’t be about how to loose 5 kg in one week. Actually it won’t be about weightloss at all. What it will be about is your body and how amazing it really is. It will be about what I consider to be the Dream body. I therefore hope that I caought your interest enough so that you want to keep reading!

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Viktor, I’m 27 years old and make my living as a Personal trainer since about 4 years back. My sporting career started with football, hockey and floorball as it does for many kids. The goal was of course to become a pro football player, because that was what you want as a child.

When I got to 21-22-isch something happend. I quit football. I had enough. Had enough that it didn’t go as well as I planned (Second team in a div.4 club isn’t something to brag about), got tired of all the injuries, tired of being stiff, tired of only moving in one way. I wanted more. I wanted to use the full potential of my body. So I started exploring the world of bodyweight training and gymnastics, because I though that if there are someone that can use their bodies in a cool way it’s gymnasts

It was there my journey towards the dream body began. Because my dream body isn’t about how you look. I don’t care if your biceps has a larger circumference than my thighs, that you can bounce coins on your tight ass, that you got more abs than Zlatan got Golden balls or that your fat percent is lower than milk. Of course I don’t mind people who works for this. On the contrary I am very impressed by their discipline and purposefullness, but I want to point out that this is not how training must look like.

The Dream body for me is a body that do things. A body that is capable of all the challenges I want to do. A body that is strong, mobile and persevering. A body that is resilient and painfree my whole life. A body that is capable of amazing stuff. This is what I traing for. Of course it’s also pretty nice to look good naked, but rather than getting all stressed up over my appearance and get anxiety over that cinnamon bun you ate for a snack so that you now have to spend 90 minutes on a stair-master to compensate, I choose to focus on that other thing. To do stuff and be fascinated over the bodys ability to adapt to what we put it through.

Because regardless if you want to do handstands, run super long races, lift heavy shit, hike, climb or play with your grandkids your body is capable of it, if you train, practice and move. It’s not just about now, on monday or to go all in for five weeks to get in shape for summer. Training and movement is something that you need your whole life, it’s for everyone, everyday. You don’t even have to count calories or where super fast tights (but seriously tho, try tights, it’s so good), you only have to move in a way that is fun and meaningful for you. Dare to try new things, dare to explore and dare to play.

This is my dream body, what is yours?

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