10 tips for a lively winter

It’s here. The time of the year when many looses ther energy completely and either wanders around like zombies due to the dark, rain and cold or otherwise stress around to arrange to perfect christmas with gifts and food for all the relatives and totally forget to take care of themselfs.

So what can you do to get your energy back and feel alive, happy and interested in life again? Relax, here are my 10 best tips for a more lively winter;

Eat. Calories are energy, so make sure you fill up properly to give your body the best requisite to deal with home, work and training. This is not a permission to eat a lot of junk food (of course thats okey from time to time, but not always), instead base your diet on quality food. If you really think about it I think you know what I’m refering to.

Drink. Water is an important part of many processes in your body and therefor for your health. To little water can decrease your concentration and increase your tiredness. Try to have as a routine to drink a glas of water every morning and then continue to drink during the day every time you feel thirsty.

Activity. Your body feels good from movement. To make an effort gives you energy to other things. So make sure you perform something strenous every day, no matter if it’s a powerwalk at lunch, a training session at the gym or just running after the bus.

Sleep. Sleep is amazing. When you sleep you give the chance t your body and brain to recover and process what have happend during the day to make sure you are ready for the next. So prioritize your sleep, at least 7-8 hours every night. To sleep helps you to better use the hours you are awake.

Daylight. Can feel impossible this time of the year but at least try to get 10 minutes of daylight every day. It helps your body to maintain it’s diurnal rythm, which will help you sleep better.

Socialize. We are social creature who needs company. So spend time with your friends and family. Not just when you happend to have some time over, but put aside time for other and you will be filld with energy and joy.

Cold bath. To expose your body for cold have many benefits and can make you feel more alive. So even if you are not so keen on jumping into the lake, at least try to lower the temperature when you shower.

Fruits & Vegetables. They contain loads of healthy stuff like vitamins and antioxidants that keeps your body functioning. Make sure that you every day gets at least a handfull of fruit and vegetables, preferably in as many different colors as possible.

Breathe. That, of course, you do every day, all the time, automaticly and unconsiously. But maybe try to stop and focus on your breath. A couple of calm, deep breath can make wonder for your concentration, your mode and your patience. Three breaths, ten breaths or ten minutes. Regardless where you starts it’s a step in the right direction

Cosiness. Allow yourself to relax once in a while. Get comfortable in the couch, take a break from social media and screens. Read a book, listen to some good music, drink some tea or hangout or talk to a close friend.

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