Reduce the Downhill

To work as an grouptraining instructor is for me amazing in so many different ways. There is a satisfaction to help others in their training and to see a bounch of happy people performing the session that before only was an idea in my head. To also be a part of all the positive energy that spreads makes me looking forward to go to work.

Something that I recently starting to realize and appreciate more and more is that one of the most rewarding reasons for me right know actually isn’t training releated at all. Instead it’s about the connection with other people. To talk to the participants before or after the session and hear their storys and experiences is so valueble. Those who often have the most to say is the seniors, that means people who is 60+, since they have so many exciting and interesting things to share in their own cozy, honest and amazing way. Some week ago I talked to an older gentleman after a session. He was happy, satisfied and tired after the training. I asked him why training was important for him and his answer was that he did it to reduce the downhill. Since I didn’t quite understand I asked him to explain.

He told me that as he got older it had gotten much more clear to him that the body couldn’t do the things it once could when he was young. After a certain age it all went downhill, like riding a bike with no breaks. Of course this was hard to realize for him, but when he started to accept it he also started to understand that with training he could reduce the slope. It still went down but not as fast as before and suddenly his bike got breaks. The training gave him quality of life! Of Course I already knew about the effects of training to reduce ageing, but to hear him tell it with his own words gave me a whole new understanding. And the nice thing is that you don’t have to wait until you get old to reduce your downhill, you can start right now. All of the training and movement you do as young will help you build a high hill or maybe even a mountain, which you then slowly can get down from when you reach a certain age.

Another nice moment took place when I was doing my own practice at the gym. Next to me a senior class was taking place with people that looked like beginners. After a while one of the ladies came up to me smiling and said “We look forward to be like you”. Happy and thankful my response was “I looking forward to be like you too” and I really ment it. To see these older people train, move, taking care of themselfs and have fun doing it made me so impressed and inspired! If I can be as brisky and active when I get old I will be happy. I have already started decreasing my downhill and will keep on doing so for the rest of my life to live as healthy and strong as possible. You do it too!

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