New years resolutions, goals and new habits

So now it’s time for that time of the year when people start to promise a lot of things. New goals are set and we are suppose to change this and that. Stop eating candy, working out seven days a week, preferably run a marathon or two before summer, spend more time with the kids, succeeding at work and get extremely healthy, probably with the help of some miracle cure so that we as quick as possible can go back to our normal life again. Isn’t it great with a new year?

Now you might find me negative, but despite this I think new years resolutions can be good. To set a goal and work towards it is the way to succeed. The problem is when it get to big, to hard, to unrealistic, to much at once, to quick or when you actually don’t really care.

To live healthy isn’t a quick fix that you can do for a couple of weeks and then go back. It’s a way of life where your daily habits decides how well you will succeed. Just as life it will have its ups and downs. Some days are better and some days are worse, so be forgiving to yourself if every day doesn’t go exactly as planned. There is a new day tomorrow.

To live healthy you must also ask yourself; What is health for me? Is it gingershoots and colorfull smoothies? We tend to focus so much on the detalis that we forget to see the whole picture. In the end it’s of course the details that makes the whole picture, but you don’t have to make unnecessarily hard for yourself by focusing on the wrong things. Also ask yourself what you are prepared to give up to get where you want to go. Because if you want a change you also have to make a change, otherwise it will be as it have always been. If you are not prepared to make that change you can’t excpect that something will happen.

To make this a little bit more simple I will give you some solid tips:

  1. Think about what you want to change
  2. Think about what habits you need to change to get there

For example; say you want to workout three times a week, then you should have as a habit to every sunday go through the coming week and plan when you can have your sessions. When they’re in the calendar they can’t be removed. If you want to eat better, start by putting out a bowl of fruits at home or at work and make sure it’s always refilled. Make the habit of eating at least one fruit every day.

Start with a habit that is easy for you to incorporate in your life and that means something for you. But remember, just because it is easy doesn’t make it simple. New habits takes time, so be patience even when it’s hard. When the new habit is there and feels natural you will be pleased with yourself for succeeding and that is when it’s time to move on to something more challenging.

If you feel that this new years resolution thing isn’t for you, just relax. It works just as well to set a goal even when it’s not a new year. Therefore I thought I share a couple of things I promise myself everyday. They might not be the typical smart and measureable goals, they are more about feeling. They mean a lot to me and just by striving towards them it takes me towards the person I want to be. Maybe they can help you too.

  • Prioritize yourself, because if you don’t feel good you can’t help others
  • Spend less time on the phone and more time with people that are important to you
  • Be curious and try new things
  • Be playful, because play makes you creative, evolves you and makes you move

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