Cold baths – Why?

Have you ever been out on a calm and peaceful winter walk by the water and all of a sudden you see some weirdo bathing? In the winter! When it’s freezing cold! That’s crazy! ”What a weirdo, what good is that?” you might think and continue with your walk. And I totally agree with you, except that I kinda became one of those weirdos last winter…

Before I tell you why I do it and what benefit it might bring I want to tell you have it all began for me. Through Social media (what else?) I started noticing that more and more people exposed themselfs to cold in different ways, and that themselfs and science seemed to agree on that there are several positive health benefits to get from it. Among others improved immune system, increased blood flow and controlled breath.

I got curious and it started with me taking a dip in about october. Cold, terrible and super cool! I wonder how it feels when it’s even colder? I did one more dip in december and then one in march during my skitrip to Åre and I was completely hooked! I had become a weirdo!

This fall I decided that I wanted to bath at least once every week all year around. So far I have succeeded all weeks except one (hello irony), men taking more dips other weeks. The highligt was when I had an eight day strike! Now I look forward to colder days and snow to increase the experience even more!

So what is it that is so fascinating about cold baths, that makes me and so many more to expose us to it? Of course I can’t speak for the others, but ”expose” is a good word, because it’s not nice nor comfortable, especially not the first steps down. And this is also one of the main reasons why I do it. To consciously make it uncomfortable makes me mentally stronger and prepared for other uncomfortable situations that might appear in life. It also helps me relax, breathe and makes me calm. Because if I’m starting to hyper ventilate, panic ands shake it will only get worse. Accept the cold, accept the uncomfortable and breathe through it.

It gets easier every time and I notice how I can tolerate the cold better as my body learns how to heat itself. At the same time as it creates a calmness it also gives me a kick. The body gets chocked from the cold, I feel alive and feel an incredible sensation In my body afterwards. This also effects my confidence, because knowing that I can expose myself to freezing water makes me feel like I can do almost anytthing! So to sum this up it’s mainly for all the positive mental benefits I week after week exposes myself to the cold.

Finally I just want to pay attention to all of you who at some point have walked by when I was taking a bath, cheered on me or asked questions. You guys are amazing and you make me happy every time. Continue with seeing people around you and you will make them happy. At least it warms my cold heart!

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