What is Health?

Ask a 100 persons what they consider to be health and you will probably get a 100 different answers. They probably have some common things like training, good food and spending time with friends and family and at the same time they will be very different in some details, prioritizes and formulations. Of course there are some official definitions for health, but we don’t have to go deeper into that. Because the point I’m trying to make is that Health is what makes You feel good and only you know what makes you feel good.

As a coach it would probably be misconduction if I didn’t mentioned training. Your body really likes training. All people should train. You don’t even have to call it training, but you have to move somehow. Get some sweat and out of breath regulary, lift something heavy once in a while, bend, stretch, twist your body every day, climb something that can be climbed, balance on something that can be balanced. The possibilites are infinite and if you want to call it something awesome like Ninja workout then do it. As long as it’s something that you finds enjoyable and something that you wants to do again and again. If it eventually gets boring you find something else and do that. Simple.

Because without training and movement your body will be tired and weak, you will more easily get sick, the quality of life will decrease and you will increase your mortality. Hard, but true. On the other hand, if you only train all the time you will miss so much more amazing stuff that happens around you. Because as we already agreed upon, health is not just training but so much more. Training should make your life better, not be your life. The same thing goes for what you eat. Your body feels good when eating healthy food. Food that gives you nourishment, keeps you full, strong and lively. But if it makes you feel good to have a glas of wine, a bear or eating a pizza so do that. Health is what makes you feel good, but learn to separate what makes you feel good for the moment and in the long term. Do active choices. Sometimes you choose what makes you feel good right know and most of the times make choices that the future you will thank you for.

So the point that I’m trying to do here (which I revealed already in the beginning, way to keep the suspense Viktor) is that health is what makes you feel good and you should do as much as possible of those things. A good thing is that it works fine to combine several things at once. For example make a plan with your friends that you once a week meet up for a training session together. Afterwards you go out for dinner, have a pizza, drinks of your choice. There you have it, training, social life and food that makes you happy for the moment. Remaining days you make decisions that Future-you will be pleased of. Healthy food, plenty of sleep and all of those other things that only you know about. For me right now those things are being in nature, breathing and meditating, cold baths and playing and singing. I hope you could find some sense from this text and that you continue to do stuff that makes you feel great!

Live long and prosper

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