Why Expanding Movement?

What is the meaning of ”Expanding Movement”?

As you (hopefully) have noticed I have recently went through a change of name. From calling myself different things in my different channels I have now finally settled for a common name for them all to make it unified. This meant a change of the website, instagram, facebook, youtube and so on.

This is something that I have been thinking of for a long time, already before I started my business. But instead of letting it be a problem that stopped me from moving on I started my firm and allowed it to take time to find a name that I felt comfortable with, that suits me and that I can stand for. And now I finally got it!

But why Expanding Movement?

If we start by separating the words, Expanding means that something getting bigger, growing and evolving in all directions, not just a straight line. You can change your direction at any time, try new paths and keep expanding within something else.

Movement means that something is moving. Movement is everywhere around us. The world is constantly moving and at the same time you must create your own movement. So putting these words together Expanding Movement, for me, means that you in a harmonic and healthy way develop yourself into a better you in every level.

To also truly understand the meaning of Expanding I think it’s important to understand what it’s not. A word similar with almost the same meaning is Growing. To visualize the difference I have in my most pedagogical and artistic way drawn to pictures for you.

This symbolize Growing. You evolve and grow, but there is only one linear way to go and when you reach your goal you are done and have to start over on the next line
This symbolize Expanding. You are a dot on an infinite sheet. You can choose to expand in any direction and in what order you want. That 4 looks interesting, maybe you want to check it out closer. but when you get there you realize that you would much rather check out the 9. You can choose your direction, go back, start over, try again and what is outside of the circle? It’s up to you to discover

This way of seeing things might imply that it’s not important to do things in the ”right” order. My response is that it’s definetely important to do things step by step to prepare yourself for the next step as you progressively becomes better. But I also belive that it’s important to dare to try things you are yet not ready for, to then go back. It also implies that it might not be the destination that is the goal, but the journey to get there. Because movement is constantly all around us, always going somewhere, never static, so where do we find it best but not on the journey?

So as you might starting to see there are plenty of meanings for Expanding Movement. At a personal level it can mean to expand your own movement to become more mobile and stronger, both physically and mentally. It can also include the expanding of your view of movement and the possibilities by finding the courage to try new things to add more tools into your Movement box. At a greater level I see it as a way to focus on the similarities instead if differences between different disciplines and sports to open up for new possibilities and make the world of movement more available for everyone.

Finally I just want to say thanks to my friends who helped me process these words and especially thanks to my friend Micha who helped my thoughts to better understand to meaning of the words. What do they mean to you?

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