Do you think about what you say?

Recently I read somewhere on the Magazine’s website that they reach out to 32 000 readers every week. Then I realized; the Magazine reaches out to 32 000 readers every week! This means that there are potentially 32 000 persons who can read this! That’s insane! Of course I don’t belive that everyone reads what I have to say but there is still a whole lot of people that I have the opportunity to reach with my thoughts and if you are one of them I just want to say Thank you!

In any case this created some sort of anixiety within me. Of course I want to reach a lot of people, that is why I do what I do. I want to inspire others to try, to dare and to think. I want to help others to move more and use their bodies. And for the most part I think I’m doing pretty good, but what if it gets wrong? What if I say something that someone doesn’t like or what if I’m giving a bad advice to someone? What if someone gets in touch and tells me that what I say and do is stupid?

I always strive to be myself. To be honest and open with my opinions and thoughts. I try to be trustworthy. To say things that I know is true. To share this things is scary. It gives other people the chance to criticize my thoughts and me as a person. Because everyone might not appreciate who I am. What is true for me might not be true for someone else.

A wise and good friend of mine recently shared a list of sex things to think about before you speak. These things is something that at least I try to live after so I thought that I share them with you in hope that you also finds them interesting and thoughtful. So before you speak, consider;

Is it true?

Will it help?

Will it improve?

Is it necessary to say?

Does it come from good intentions?

Are you honest?

The reason why I share this is because I think that a lot of people also feel that it’s scary to talk about your thoughts, feelings and opinions in front of others and by highlighting the subject I hope that you, as well as me, finds the courage to do so. Together we can create a more open, safe and allowing world. I also want to point out that it is important to be critical towards yourself and to dare to question yourself every now and then to become more believable. Sometimes it’s better to hold your answer for a while to take some time to really think it through instead of feeling the pressure to answer right away. And sometimes, just because you think something needs to be said doesn’t mean that it needs to be heard.

So until we see each other next time, please reflect on this. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be honest. Tell someone you like why that person makes your life better and make sure you get some movement in!

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