Which direction do you want to go?

Life is an cool experience and what’s even cooler is that you have the chance to control it. A friend recently told me ”You really know how to enjoy life” and that is true. I know how to enjoy my life, but only you know how to enjoy yours.

My life has taken different directions in different phases depending on the person I was, the people around me and my values. From this I have gained experience and wisdom. I have learned to see things from different perspectives, I have changed and I have evolved, I have realized that things that once was important to me is not anymore, while other things is of more value and I have learned to let go. I’m still learning, growing and evolving and I’m still curious for which directions my life will take in the future.

Whenever I find myself heading towards a new direction or even if it’s a direction I’ve chosen before, I try to every now and then stop and ask myself five questions. These questions works regardless of what direction you seek and in every aspect of life.

Why do I do this?

Do I need this?

Do I find this meaningful or am I doing it because the people around me seems to like it?

Do my desires and decisions come from the will to express something from within myself or am I doing it to make an impression on others?

Do I live my dream or do I seek acknowledgement from others and do what I think they expect from me?

I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer to these question. What I do know is that they have helped me to chose my direction better. From what I want to focus at in my work, what I want to do with my free time, what people I want to surround myself with, what things I want to do in my practice and even how I use my Social media accounts. By reflecting on them I know if it’s a direction I want to take, if I have to re-direct it a bit or maybe even take a completely different road.

So instead on focusing on what is right or wrong maybe you should focus on what feels meaningful for you. And by asking yourself these questions, reflect upon them and answer them with a true heart, hopefully they can help you to go a direction that feels meaningful for you.

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