Knowledge is not enough

The world is full of knowledge. It’s full of smart people who enjoy sharing what they know just for the sake of spreading their wisdom to make the world a better place. It’s also full of stupid people who enjoy spreading bullshit just for the sake of spreading their bullshit to make the world a shittier place. But for the sake of this text, let’s focus on the knowledge thing.

It is said that Knowledge is power, but is knowledge really enough? I would say that knowledge only is potential power. And in this case when I say Power I refer to the power within yourself. The power to develop, the power to do god for yourself and your surroundings, the power to change. Not the power to take over the world and those kind of things. And by potential power I mean that all your knowledge is actually more or less useless until you also learn how to use it and take action.

Most people know what they should do or what they have to do, but either they do to little of it or not at all.

Most people also know what they shouldn’t do, but either they do that to much or not at all.

Most people have a sense what is ”good” food and what is ”bad” food. Yet they tend to eat to much of the bad and to little of the good.

Most people know that it’s good to move and train, yet they tend to not do it and spend most of their time sedentary.

Most people have an idea of what they have to do to get where they want to go, yet they stay in the same place unable to do something about it.

I don’t believe there is a lack of knowledge that is stopping these people. At least it shouldn’t be. I believe there is a lack of understanding, commitment and meaningfulness. To reach the power of your knowledge you must act. Try it out in real life. Make the decisions and commit to them. Turn your knowledge into understanding by making it meaningful for you. Only then can you truly say that Knowledge is Power.

Although this raises another interesting question. Is Meaningful enough to do? This may or may not be the topic next time (if I find it meaningful enough…)

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