Unknown territory

Some week ago I had a class at Träningsfabriken where I work as a coach. The plan for the day was that the participants would work in pairs to get through the exercises. Before the class started a woman came to me and asked if we would work in pairs the whole session. She felt a bit insecure since she was fairly new at these classes and most of all wanted to do the training on her own. I explained the idea and tried to cheer her up by saying something like ”try and do your best”. The answer I got was ”that’s easy for you to say”. I was a bit surprised by that answer and it made me think. Why is it easy for me to say? I too have been a beginner. I AM still a beginner. In everything actually. The truth is that we are all beginners who learns from each other. The truth is that no one of knows anything to the fullest and we can all be wrong.

So why is it so hard to accept yourself as a beginner? Why is it so scary? Why is it something we want to avoid? Because if don’t allow our self to be a beginner, how can we except to ever learn something new? What if a child stopped being curious, stopped exploring the unknown, stopped trying, stopped learning? Then what would happen? I believe our deprecation to the feeling of beginnerness lies in that we don’t want to feel vulnerable. We don’t want to make a fool of us and show that we can’t. In the example above I also think it was about that she didn’t want to ruin the training for her training buddy. She didn’t want to be a burden.

But what the rest of us feel (at least what I feel and I hope I can talk for must of us) when we see someone facing something new, something that person can’t do, is respect. It makes me happy to see that person having the courage to try something new. If you notice that someone doesn’t feel that way when you are a beginner it’s also a an excellent opportunity to practice some ”I don’t give a shit what other people think”-mindset.

Anyway, back to the story that started this story. The training started and the woman who at first had felt as an insecure beginner showed so much courage. She fought on from her presumptions just as good as everyone else around her. All the time during the class also her training partner was amazing with support and coaching. I tried of course also to help her in the way I could. Afterwards she was so happy and satisfied for completing the session and grateful for her training partner who was there by her side. She had entered unknown territory, explored it and realized that it wasn’t that scary as she first thought. That is courage in my eyes and it makes me impressed and inspired.

That same courage must we all together be inspired by and also show our self. We all go into unknown territory where no one really knows what will happen and for how long it will last. We must be careful and at the same time curious, creative and open to see new possibilities and solutions. We must support and be there for each other. If we do so I know that we will be okey.

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