A good practice makes you better at life

When practicing something you obviously wants to be better at that practice. If you run you want to run faster or longer, if you do strength training you want to be stronger or bigger, if you practice archery you want to get more arrows in the bullseye and if you practice golf you want to get that ball into the hole as fast as possible. That’s the purpose and that’s probably what you enjoy doing and if you found something you enjoy doing then you should do that as much as you can.

But what if you could get something more out if it, a deeper purpose than to just be good at your practice? Is all that knowledge really worth something if you only can use it in that special occasion? What if you could also use it to be better at life, because in the end, why do we practice if not to be the best we can be in life?

I don’t say that you should quit whatever you do to find that one magic thing that will fix everything. Probably there are no such thing. What I’m saying is that I encourage you to think about what knowledge you get from your training. Maybe there are things you just haven’t thought about yet?

For me there is no One thing, I get different knowledge from different practices. Once again I don’t say that these are the ones you should do, you need to find your own path.

By practicing Handstand I learn patience, I learn discipline, I learn delayed gratification and I learn that development not always is linear. Because practicing handstands takes time. Some days feels great, others like shit, you can never know. You just have to show up, do the best work you can for the day and be consistent. Even then you can still feel like your regressing by taking a few steps backward but then suddenly you takes several steps forward. Strange and interesting at the same time, because I know that all the work I do know will pay of eventually.

From my Strength and Mobility practice I learn how to control my body in different ways. This gives me a resilient body capable of handling everything I put it to. I want a body that I can use, not only a body that can lift weights in the gym.

From my Dance and Floorwork practice I learn to coordinate my body. I learn how to let go of the fear of not being good enough and just move in a way that feels good to me. I learn how to be confident.

From Running I learn to keep going despite that it hurts or that it feels boring. I learn how to be in the present. I learn to push myself and that I can always take one more step. I get the stamina that can take me on new adventures.

From Cold baths I learn to handle the uncomfortable. By willingly put myself in uncomfortable situations I learn to stay calm, to breathe, to be present and that I am capable of so much more than I think.

From Meditation I learn awareness, to be calm and to be comfortable with being alone with myself and my feelings. I learn how to let go of and I get to know myself better.

Once again I’m not saying that this is the best combination of practices, its’s just what works for me in the moment. Hopefully you started to think about your own practice and maybe you realized that you learn more from it than you thought, maybe you realized you have to let go of something or maybe you realized it’s time to try something new.

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