Conscious choices

Life is full of choices. Big, small, tough, easy, important and unimportant choices. At the same time we get affected by our surrounding word to make some decisions and sometimes it’s easy to just not give a fuck and settle because you don’t have the energy to start the whole process that it takes to think rationally. Because there is almost always a predetermined choice that you can settle with or that you can change. Sometimes it’s important and sometimes it’s not, but remember that even by not take a decision you have already made a choice. The predetermined choice for organ donation is No and to change that you need to make an active decision. Before you where automatically a member of the Swedish church from birth and if you wanted out it was an active decision. Your phone has a predetermined ringtone and if you want to change it you need to make an active decision. Now, this text is not supposed to be about my opinion about organ donation, the Swedish church or what ringtone you have, but about the process of active choices and to make it aware for you.

Some choices are more are more important than others and most of the time there has to be a predetermined answer, regardless if it’s just a simple Yes or No, but what you have to remember is that you get affected by this. ”It’s fine, there probably is a good reason” you might think and leave it. But by letting go of the easy decision it might happen that you lose control of even the important ones, like your health. Because it might be so that we just have a couple of ”good” decisions every day and then at least I want to be aware of them to be able to prioritize on what’s important. You have the ability to influence your situation and take control. Then it also would be nice if you could do that as simple as possible to take easy decision and minimize what makes you take ”unnecessary” decisions that waste you ”good” ones.

Let me give you an example of a simple decision I take that benefits my sleep and therefore my health, not just acute but in several steps forward. It’s as simple as choosing to not bring my phone to the bedroom. Every night I turn of my phone and leave it in another room before I go to the bedroom. By leaving the phone I get rid of the decision if I should pick up the phone and scroll through Instagram one last time before I sleep, which means I’m not disturbed, can relax and fall asleep easier. During the night I don’t get disturbed by the presence of the phone and if I would wake up I can’t check what time it is on my phone and I don’t have to make the decision if I also should check Facebook while I’m at it. Above all I don’t get disturbed by texts while I sleep and I don’t have to make the decision if I should check what idiot that is up at 03.47 to text me. Remember that the phone is there for your convenience, not because everyone should be able to reach you all the time. In the morning I don’t have to make the decision if I should go up or stay in bad for five minutes (that easily turns into 25) to catch up with everything I missed during the night. When I went up I don’t get caught by the phone, because it’s off, which makes it easier for me to start the day with my morning routine of movement and breathing.

So now I encourage you to think ahead. Think about how you would like to have it. Think about what choices you are put to and question why the predetermined choice is what it is. Reflect what decisions you trouble with and what you can do to make it easier for yourself. Become aware, take control and make the decisions that benefits you.

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