Make it easy for yourself

Something I really enjoy is to juggle. Not that I strive to be some sort of pro circus artist, that would take way to much time and dedicated practice. But I think it’s a nice and fun way to challenge my brain, my coordination, to do an activity that isn’t so physical demanding and most importantly to be able to impress the kids at the playground when they ask if I can do anything cool. Previously my juggling practice went on in phases. I was reminded every now and then, took out the balls and played for a while. Enough to maintain my limited skills. A few weeks ago I realized I wanted to become better at juggling and be that I realized I need to practice more than just a irregular once in a while. The solution? I placed the balls clearly visible in the room I spend the most time in, instead of being hidden in a bag in the wardrobe. Now it’s almost to easy to just pick them up and juggle for a couple of minutes here and there and I’m almost certain that my juggling time the last couple of weeks have increased with at least 998% (almost scientifically proven). The same thing goes for my guitar playing. Instead of being hidden in a wardrobe somewhere I have it hanged well visible on the wall in the living room to invite me to some spontaneous playing for a couple of minutes when I’m in the mood. By having the guitar and juggling balls visible I make them available for myself. I see them all the time and they remind me that they are there and that I easily can get several of minutes practice without even thinking about it. If they where hidden somewhere it would become a ”thing” every time I wanted to practice. It would have required an active decision from me, I had to pick them out and already there the will to practice might have been lost. Instead I choose to make it easy for myself.

I work a lot from home writing training program, record and edit movies, give feedback to students, plan upcoming projects, market my services and of course provide you lovely readers with these fantastic and well-thought words every week (the highlight of my work). I often get the feeling that I don’t get anything done and that I often focus more on what I didn’t do than what I actually accomplished. I feel ineffective in my work. The solution? I found a working method called the Pomodoro method. In short this mean that you work for 25 minutes without interruption. When your timer beeps you let go of everything you’re doing and take a pause for 5 minutes where you do something completely different (works perfectly for juggling and guitar playing). When the pause is over you pick up the work exactly where you left it for another 25 minutes. This you can repeat for four cycles and then take a longer break before you continue with your working intervals. This might sound weird, but it really helped me focus on working efficiently and I feel that I get more stuff done than before.

So once again, instead of doing nothing I chose to find a simple solution that helps me succeed with what I want to accomplish without to much effort. So now my question for you is; What can You do to make it easier for yourself to succeed with what you want to succeed with?

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