As little as possible and as much as I need

”Viktor, you and your sister have the same ideas about life. You do as little as possible and as much as you need”. These are the words of my grandma when she had invited me over for lunch a couple of months ago and wanted to know more about my work – or rather what I would like to call ”What I do for a living”.

Because that’s how I would like to see it. It’s not just ”work” for me, it’s what I do for a living. Of course there is the part where I have to do stuff to get the money and then there is also all those other stuff beyond that, and it’s the mix of all those things that makes it magical.

For those of you who don’t know me, I work as a movement coach. I have Online students, group classes, workshops etc. I am a teacher. Not just during my ”working hours”, but all the time. I teach people how they can use their bodies full capacity. For you this might sound as ”I am my work”, but for me it’s not that way, because beyond that, what is even bigger, is that I am also a human. That is my most important work. And for me that means doing all the stuff that humans do (or maybe should do). I’d like to spend my time on those things that I enjoy. Moving, training, practicing every day, getting enough sleep, eating good food, hanging out with my friends, walking around exploring, going on adventures, reading, thinking, singing and so on…

And see, the cool thing about my ”work” is that it allows me to do just that. Being human. But if I would let it take over even more of my life I wouldn’t have time for all those things. That’s why I try to do ”As little as possible and as much as I need”.

To you, this might sound as I have no ambitions in life. That I don’t want my coaching career to flourish. That I’m just a lazy dude who doesn’t do anything beneficial for myself or the society in general. That I don’t want to be successful.

But see, that’s where I think you are wrong.

For me, being Successful, is not about how my money you earn (although I wouldn’t say no to at least a bit more), how cool car you drive, how big your house is or that your watch is so expensive that you don’t even dare to wear it. Those things doesn’t interest me at all. Being successful, for me, means to have the freedom in life to chose to do those things that you want to do and to live the life you want to have. For me that means that I want to help people and be a good influence to them. Teach them how they can move and use their bodies. Learn more and share my knowledge and experiences. It means to take care of myself, each other and the planet. Money could of course be a limiting factor here, but I just care to have only just enough that allows me to do the things I want to do, no more – no less.

I believe we don’t need any more ”successful” people in this world right now. What we need is people who care. People who care about each other our planet and all living creatures on it. People who tell stories. People who are not afraid of their feelings. People who listen. People who share. People who live simple. People who thinks one step further.

So that’s how I try to live my life. I enjoy it and it’s the way I want to have it right now.

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