About motivation, planning and tooth-brushing

A while back I had a interesting conversation with one of my Online students. He had some trouble getting the practice time in and described in something like

Before, when I didn’t have so many other things to do, it worked to just do my practice sometime during the day.

But now, when I got a lot of other stuff, I have started to say to myself ’I’ll do it later’. But ’Later’ something else came in between or I kept say ’Later’ until bedtime.

I think I have to start to actually plan my practice time every week, I know you do

And right there, with that conclusion, he nailed it! If you want to get your practice in on a regular base you need to plan it. It’s not about being super motivated every day, it’s about taking the time to sit down and plan your damn practice and then have the discipline to actually do it! I have a ”general plan” for my practice and every week I sit down and look over when and where I can get it in. And it’s not about squeezing it in when I happen to have time, it’s about making time for it.

To do this I think you first need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. Why do I practice? What do I want to accomplish?
  2. How much time do I have? How much time am I prepared to put into my practice?
  3. Is this a reasonable amount of time considering my goals? If not, how can I get more time or do I have to change my expectations?
  4. How do I act if (when) I should deviate from my plan?

That last one is of great importance. Because no matter how good your plan is you still need a back-up plan for when you fall off from your original plan. And this is where we want to get. Just because I miss a session (which I do) it doesn’t mean my plan is wasted. It simply meant I missed a session and instead have to focus to do the next one. I have created a habit.

Compare this to brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Most people (including you I hope) do this every day, on habit, because deep down they understand that taking care of their teeth and hygiene is important and they don’t have to think so much about it. They just do it. If they should miss one day of tooth-brushing they don’t think ”fuck it, I screwed up. I can just as well skip the whole week and also eat a lot of candy because the damage is already done”. And then they have to start over their tooth-brushing on Monday, next month, maybe make a new years resolution about how they promise to brush their teeth every day or buy an expensive 6-week Tooth-brushing Online course to get their motivation back (Btw, does anyone know if this is a thing? Otherwise, dibs).

NO, they just do it again as usual the next day. You know why? Habit!

So even though I sometimes occasionally miss a planned session I just continue the plan the next day or the next after that. If I should miss to many I have to look over my plan to see if I have to make some adjustments. And even though I should miss a day of practice I never miss a day of moving. Because deep down I understand that taking care of my body is important and I don’t have to think so much about it. In addition to being very beneficial I also find it entertaining and challenging, never as a Must do thing. I and believe this is where most of the people who are the best movers have landed. They get the movement in as a natural day of their every day life.

To get there, to be better at moving, I’m gonna share a list inspired from either Yuri Marmerstein or Jon Yuen (Don’t remember, but it was a smart guy)

  1. Being okay with moving without getting completely whacked
  2. Being okay with moving for short period of time
  3. Being okay with moving in a way that feels good
  4. Being okay with moving in different locations
  5. Being okay with that it looks weird

And that’s it. Somehow, somewhere this text took a different turn than I had planned for at first, but I just went with it and I hope it somehow made some sense in the end. If you find this helpful or if you want to share your own thoughts on the subjects, please let me know. If you know someone that could benefit from this text, please send them this link and a virtual hug from me.

Thanks for reading this and I’ll see you next time<3

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