Every time you say Yes no something you also say No to something else

In this article I want to share a story from this morning. When I was there, in the moment, I didn’t think so much about it, it just happened, but when I reflected on it afterwards I realized there was some valuable lessons in there. At least I found them valuable, hopefully you will too. Let’s start the story

First some background; I like mornings. I like to wake up early. I like to do my usual morning routines and then get started with work or whatever I have planned. It makes me feel productive and that I have the whole day ahead of me

In order to wake up early I need to go to bed early, because I also like to sleep and value it. No problems there, except that I also like the evening… and recently we had some very beautiful evenings here which have lead me to change my routines completely because I want to stay up late and enjoy every sunset and summer night. The consequences of this is of course that I wake up later which make me feel lazy and unproductive…

So a couple of days ago I decided I wanted to get up early and see the sunrise. This meant that I had to go to sleep earlier and by that also say No to another beautiful evening and sunset in order to say Yes to a beautiful morning and sunrise.

I put the alarm at 03:00, woke up, looked outside just to find that it was super cloudy…right there and then I could have gone back to sleep, but I didn’t. Because I had told myself that I was gonna wake up early, and if I can’t trust myself to do the things I said I was gonna do, why should anyone else?

So I went outside, took a long nice walk to the lake. I got there at about 04:00. Still cloudy so no chance to see the sunrise and on top of that it started to rain a bit. I sat down close to the water and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Instead of a sunrise I watched the clouds, I felt the rain, I observed the water that was completely still except for the raindrops gently falling down on the surface. So quiet, peaceful and beautiful! So I just sat there for a moment, tried to take it all in. Then I did a obligatory, wobbly handstand on the jumping tower before I ran back home.

So my Take home message with this story is that;

When you chose something you also opt out something else – Meaning you have to chose either sunset or sunrise, you can’t have them both (at least not if you also value your sleep). This doesn’t mean your choice is forever. You can have them both, just on different occasions.

When you say yes to something you also say no to something else – Meaning that there is always another option. Make your choice and stand by it, enjoy your choice and your moment and what you got instead of being miserable about what you didn’t have

Do the things you said you were gonna do – Meaning, have the discipline to stick to the promises you make to yourself. If you constantly break your own word you will make it a habit and in the end even the simplest thing will be a struggle, because it’s so easy to just do something else. And even worse, if you can’t be honest to yourself and your word – why should anyone else trust you?

Focus on the things you can control and let go of what you can’t. Do the best of the situation even when it didn’t go as you planned – Meaning that I could have been miserable about the fact that it was cloudy and rainy because in my mind I was set on the sunrise, but what good is that? It’s not gonna stop to rain just because I’m crying about it. Instead I changed my mind, accepted the situation and enjoyed the moment for what it was, instead what I had hoped it to be.

Handstands are hard at 04:41 in the morning – Meaning that I need to practice way more to be able to to a solid handstand anywhere, anytime

I hope you found this text valuable in some way. If you enjoyed it, please link it to a friend so that more people can enjoy it. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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