Some lessons recently learned

Today I’m gonna make a list. Because I like lists and frankly I know, deep down, you do as well. So here are 8 things that I have learned, re-learned or reflected about recently and things that I try to apply in my life. ¡Vamos!

  1. You can do so much more than you think – And if you can’t, ask someone else for help

You are capable of doing so much more. You just need to dare and try even though it’s scary. Even if you don’t know how, not trying won’t get you closer to knowing. So just start, you will learn along the way and there are always someone to ask for help who will gladly share their knowledge. We are all here to help each other

2. Most things are more fun to do if you do them together with someone you like – But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do and enjoy things on your own

Doing things, explore, going on adventure or just sit at home is a beautiful thing to share with a friend or a loved one. To create everlasting memories together. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things on your own and just sit around waiting for someone to join you. So instead of just being miserable and feeling lonely, go and do all those things by yourself, enjoy your own company, create your own memories. Maybe you will notice that somethings feels even better being just by your self?

3. Spend time with yourself – I’m sure you will meet a very interesting person

Related to the last one. Spend time alone, with your own thoughts and emotions. No, I’m not talking about listen to a podcast, music, watching a movie or something like that. I’m talking about being just you, inside your head. Go for a quiet walk in the nature, meditate and just be. Can be a lot scary in the beginning for some but you will learn a lot about yourself.

4. If you have a question, ask someone who knows. That’s the best way of getting an answer

If the answer is not something you can find within yourself or you can find it by trying, just ask someone about it instead of holding the question within you or start to come up with your own answers that are not true

5. Sometimes walk very, very slow. You will see things from a new perspective and at the same time work on this kinda important skill called Patience

When I say slow, I really mean slow

6. Eat slow and you will experience your food in a new way

Once again, when I say slow I really mean slow. Like actually chew your food, taste it, experience it and be calm instead of just throwing it in there

7. Be interested in other people and you will be perceived as much more interesting

Ask questions, listen without interrupt, look at the person instead of on your phone. You will find that most people actually have interesting things to talk about, and if they don’t, maybe you didn’t ask the right questions?

8. Never hurry

You will get there at some point

Thank you for lending me your time, your eyes and your brain with these thoughts of mine. I hope they got you inspired or thoughtful in some way and maybe you even feel that you want to apply some of them into your own life. In that case I wish you the best of luck and also a super nice day

Give yourself a hug from me


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