Sleeping outside

In the beginning of this year I told myself that I wanted to spend more time outside in nature and also sleep outside at least every month. This was a way for me to connect with nature, connect with myself, find quiet and peaceful moments, explore my surroundings and challenge myself.

It started out great in January. Then I missed February and March due to reasons, before I was back and since April I’ve been sleeping outside every month and spent so many hours in nature.

Last weekend it was time for the July adventure and this one was a bit special due to mainly two reasons;

  1. I was gonna do it completely alone. The last couple of times I had some great company. I have previously slept alone outside, but then I at least had a tent. Which leads us to the next reason…
  2. I was gonna sleep without a tent, just directly on the ground, underneath the sky, which was a first for me
My bedroom view

So in the afternoon the adventure began. I was going to a place maybe 12-13 km from the city. I had been there before but this time I was gonna walk there. The weather was lovely and I was strolling, listening to a podcast and really enjoyed life. No time to catch, no one expecting me, no rush, just here and now. When I got to the forest I took of my headphones to walk the last kilometres accompanied by the sounds of nature and my own thoughts.

After about 2 hours I was where I planned to go and started looking for a nice place to sleep and I found it (Just look at the pic above)

The first thing I did was to throw off my sweaty clothes and jump into the water! Thereafter I sat down on a stone for some breathing and meditation, and dude, what a breathing! I sat on that stone for the rest of the night, thinking, writing and observing.

A breathing and meditation moment, guided by the sound of nature and the calmness of the water
I did a selfie
It was even more beautiful in real life

Then it was time to crawl into my sleeping bag. The night was both magical and horrible. To start with, you don’t get the best sleep outside. At least not the first night before you get use to it. First the not so nice things; All the sounds, it’s not totally comfortable (I slept kinda in a slope so kept sliding down…) and it was also a bit scary being all alone out there. Then to the magical things; All the sounds and scents of nature, the feeling of the ground beneath you, the scary feeling of being all alone out there. I got some sleep, then woke up, slept again, woke up and so on. In the middle of the night I woke up and it was completely silence. Not even a bird, no wind, the water was completely still.

Waking up to this

I started the next day with some breathing. I climbed the tree I had slept under. Took a sunrise swim and then began my walk home, barefoot at first for as long as I walked in the forest.

Sunrise swim
There is always room and time for play

After about two hours I was home again one experience richer. The first thing I did was to go bed to get a couple of more hours of sleep.

Now a couple of days afterwards, when I had some time to process this more, I have a few lessons that I will carry with me;

  • I am capable of having a nice time on my own, with no one but myself and my own thoughts (even tho I would love to share this experience with the people who matters to me)
  • I am capable of sleeping outside with nothing but a sleeping bag
  • I don’t have to go far to experience the nature
  • I don’t need much to have great experience and adventure
  • Nature is calming for the mind
  • I wanna do this again
  • Next time don’t sleep in a slope

If you got through it all I thank you for reading about my experience and I hope you got inspired in some way. If I can do this, so can you and remember that we must all work together to take care of the nature just as the nature takes care of us.

Have a great day!


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