It’s a privilege to move

Do you remember when you were a child? How every day was an adventure and you discovered exciting things everywhere, no matter if you where in the forest, home in the kitchen or at school. Your fantasy was in infinite and all of a sudden the ground could turn into lava and you had to jump between chairs or stumps. At anytime a spontaneous round of tag could begin that made you run and laugh forever without even noticing that you got tired.

As kids we played, balanced, climbed, jumped, ran, crawled and rolled. We celebrated our body, our ability to move and our creativity. We tried new things just ”because”. If we failed we tried again. We learned a ton both about our self and our surrounding world. Maybe you now have kids of your own or grandchildren and get to experience this again, but my question to you is: When did you stop being a kid? When did you stop being curious? When did movement stop being something natural and instead turned into a hard and boring ”must do” that requires special clothes or equipment? When was the last time you allowed yourself to play and move freely, even if it looked super weird? When was the last time you tried something new, that made you feel like a beginner again, that you knew that you would fail men you did it anyway just because. It is in that moment you have the most to learn and the most development potential. To try new things makes you work with both your body and your brain. We get creative, adaptable and learn how to see new possibilities and perspectives.

To have this mindset makes it so much more interesting for me. Every day is a new chance to try something new and that is a though I try to live by, even if I don’t succeed ever day. It can be a new exercise, a new movement or game when I train myself or others. It can be to walk a new path or listen to a new song or podcast. When I cook it could be that I try a new spice or ingredient. I almost never look at recipes but uses what I have and mix and combine this in different ways. That gives me a new, unique exciting dish that will never return, since I never remember exactly how I did it. When I coach a class I can sometimes catch myself with going outside of the plan and coming up with new exercises and games that I could never have come up with when I sat at home and did the planning, that just comes to me in the moment.

So now I encourage you to try to see your world with the eyes of a child where life is filled with new un-tried things. Dothem, be curious, be playful, try and allow yourself to fail. Move every day, explore new movements, use your body and be grateful that you have it.

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