Deal with the problem

Imagine a woman, lets call her Eva. Eva is a middle age woman who is the middle boss at a medium sized company, probably in marketing. Eva has felt a sneaking pain in her back that has become more and more intense. It both prevent and makes her scared of moving, which make her more sedentary, which gives her more pain, which prevents her even more, which…yeah you get it.

One day Eva decides to go to a masseur, because she heard from a colleague that read it in a health magazine with celebrities that it might help. After 60 painful minutes Eva goes out like a new person. She can move a bit better and almost touch her feet. This lasts for about two and a half day before the pain starts to come back. After four weeks everything is like normal and Eva decides to go back to the masseur again, because it worked so well the last time. And this goes on and as far as I know Eva visit her masseur every forth week and gets to be pain free for two and a half day at the time. Don’t be like Eva.

Now imagine a man, let’s call him Leif. Leif is a self employee and works a lot. Leif likes to workout and since his time is limited he likes it short, intensive and tough as f*ck to completely wrecked afterwards. Leif has for some time felt a cramping pain in his hip, but training is good Leif thinks and continues with his daily, intensive sessions. Afterwards he spend some minutes on passive stretching and foam rolling. It hurts, but that’s how it should be he thinks. One day Leif goes to a coach who helps him with some exercises. Nothing high intensity, no passive stretching or foam rolling, just soft and simple movements to strengthen and work with the muscles around the hip. After just a few sessions it feels better, so Leif stops with the exercises and goes back to his high intensity training. Soon the pain is back, so Leif once again tries the stretching and the foam rolling, because it might work this time. Eventually he realize it’s time to visit the coach again and after just a few sessions the pain is gone, so Leif goes back to his high intensity training and the pain returns and as far as I know this is how it goes until this day. Don’t be like Leif.

The problem for Eva and Leif isn’t that there are something bad with massage or high intensity training. The problem is that they don’t deal with the underlying problem and simple treat their symptoms temporary. Why does Eva get back pain? Probably because of her daily habits that makes her back sad. So instead of just temporary treat the pain with massage, wouldn’t it be better to look over her habits and make a change that will solve the problem?

Why does Leif’s hip hurt? Maybe because his hip is not prepared for all that high intensity training he dies and then smash his muscles on a foam roller and tear them with passive stretching that doesn’t seem to help. So instead of quitting the exercises that actually helps and keep going back to the habits that cause the pain he should realize that he need to change his habits to solve the problem. Now I know that this doesn’t apply to you and me. We are not like Eva and Leif. We are smarter that this and always makes sure we solve the underlying problem instead of just treating our symptoms. Right?

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