How to start

It shouldn’t be that hard, right? To start training. It’s just…doing it? And frankly, it is quite easy to start. What’s hard comes next – To continue. To many, maybe even for you, is this something current now when summer is about to end. To get out of the vacation bubble and get back to routines that may have got lost somewhere. So in this text I thought I’d try to say something wise about exactly this and even if I don’t have any answers for what You should do, maybe you can use some of it in some way.

First off; Start easy and start at the right level. We so often get lost in comparison with other people or comparison with our self from a long time ago and think that it will feel or look exactly the same now. It won’t So lower your expectations on yourself and have reasonable goals. Put up goals that you know you can do, celebrate your success, aim for something higher next time and continue. Create those good habits that we hear about all the time. Then you can compare yourself to yourself, within a reasonable amount of time. Look back to where you were a couple of weeks or months ago and see where you are at now.

Don’t trust in motivation. That could be what get you started, but what makes you continue is a plan, to be consistent and to do something that feels meaningful for you. All day will still not feel great, some days will actually feel really crappy. That’s when you need discipline to do it anyway. To fight through it, because you know it will feel good afterwards. Or else, just screw it. Listen to your body and how it feels. Skip that day and focus on the next, that’s okay too, as long as it doesn’t happen all the time. Because even if you miss a day or two you just have to continue. Just because you accidentally forgot to brush your teeth one day you don’t skip the whole week, right? You get back on that teeth brushing the next day and brushes as nothing happened.

Also remember that you don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t have to go to the gym, run every morning, stretch every evening, have food boxes every day all at once. Pick one thing. Start there and make it feel okay, then you can move on to the next. Also remember that we all was beginners at one point, there are more of us that was in the same situation as you. It might feel scary and uncomfortable. So get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Have the courage to ask those who know, have the courage to show yourself untaught. Hire a coach or ask a friend. Maybe you can even bring someone to your practice who can make it easier for you?

Finally I just want to remind you of what trumps everything, namely THAT you move is always more important that HOW you move. The most important thing is simply that you move in a way that feels good for you. So let go of performance and move just for your own sake.

Now I hope at least some of these words got stuck a little extra in your brain and maybe gave you a new thought or a will that you can act upon. So get going, right now! Ask someone you trust for help and I encourage you to write to me if you have any questions. Just use this link down below. Thanks for reading <3

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