Don’t limit your movement

Movement, practice, training is simple. At least it should be. The only thing you need is basically you. Despite that a lot of people get limited and believe that they have to be at a certain place, have certain tools, listen to a certain music, wear special training clothes and use certain gadgets. No. Wrong. You don’t need that. It can for sure help you, but you don’t need it. Just do it. Make it simple.

You don’t need a special yoga mat to do yoga. Some space on the floor or on the grass works excellent. Just get down and move. A yoga may can even be limiting for you since you think that you must stay on the mat. Without it you all of a sudden get new possibilities and if that for some reason doesn’t fit into the ”Yoga Box” anymore, so what? At least you got to move.

To run is something of the most simple thing we can do. Just put on a pair of shoes, get out and run. You will get fresh air, you will discover your surroundings and you get to move. Despite that we have to complicate things with a clock that tracks our pulse, distance, speed and how many calories you use, or even worse, run on a treadmill so that you can watch a movie at the same time. Preferably you should also wear a pair of fast tights and a functional wind jacket to be complete. But what happens that day when you were suppose to run and the batteries in your watch is dead, the jacket was in the laundry or all the treadmills were taken? Can you still run? Maybe you won’t be in the exact right pulse zone or run those specific intervals you had in mind, but you can run and in the end, wasn’t that what is was all about?

Sure it’s nice to go to the gym to workout. You’ll get away from home, can use special weights and equipment to hit exactly those muscles you wanted, but what will happen if you one day didn’t have the opportunity to go there? Can you then workout in your living-room or in a park instead? Do you know your body enough to be able to workout a machine that locks you into just a certain movement?

Try to make it as simple as possible for yourself and eventually you will understand that the most important you need is yourself and you will start to see all the possibilities around you. It’s not a certain gadget, location or clothes that makes the training. It’s you. And when you start to realize this that the fun can start for real. To have a special location for your training, like the gym, can of course be beneficial to set your mind to ”training mode”. All those gadgets, gears and clothes definitely have their place and some activities demands more equipment than other. The gadgets can also help to make it measurable, make it fun and interesting, but don’t let it be a limitation or an excuse to make it a must. It’s not the step calculator that knows if you moved enough that day and deep down I think you know this too. So now I encourage you to think about what limitations have you put up for yourself and what can you do to change it?

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