Make your home a place that makes you want to move

Your home is a place for many activities. Sleeping, eating, spending time with people you like, working, studying and maybe it could even a place for movement?

A lot of people, including myself, find it hard to get our practice done at home. We need to go somewhere else to be able to set our mind to “practice time” and that is of course fine. Although I find it very good to be able to also see your home as a place where you can move, for those days when you for some reason can’t get to your normal training place. Also since I hear movement is quite good for you it’s nice to be able to do it at a place where you probably spend a lot of time – At home.

Everywhere we go we are affected by our surroundings. We are easily distracted and loses focus if we don’t have a clear intention. At home there is always something to do, like taking care of the dishes, cleaning, watch the kids or cuddling with your partner. There are also a lot of other distractions and things to do instead, like a phone buzzing, the TV that needs your attention, the book you want to read or some work you have to do before Monday.

So to be able to focus on movement we need to remove all the distractions and make the things that benefit you more available and easy for you to chose. So in this text I though I share with you some easy tips on how to make your home a place for movement.

Create a spot dedicated for movement

It doesn’t have to be a big spot with a lot of equipment. Maybe just some space on the floor, maybe a yoga mat or something else. Maybe hang some posters or pictures that motivates you, maybe some plants or incense that calms you down or sets your mind to movement. Create your own mini dojo, gym, studio, practice place, movement mansion or whatever you’d like to call it. Try not to do a lot of others things in this place, since you only want to associate it to movement. So whenever you go there you just now what is gonna happen.

Make it simple to start

Leave the yoga may on the floor. Hang some rings from the ceiling or some stall-bars on the wall, leave the juggling balls or ninja swords clearly visible. Whatever you like to do, make the threshold to start as low as possible. If your practice requires that you first have to find all the stuff, arrange it in a certain way, make space and other preparations that take time, the chance that you will not even start is increased.

But if you have all that you need already prepared , all you have to do is get down on that yoga mat and just yoga or just take down the swords from the wall and swing them around like you were Tom Cruise in “The last Samurai”.

Create a ritual

Create a small ritual that sets your mind to practice. Maybe you do your practice at the same time every day, right after you get up from bed or before you go to bed in the evening. Maybe you listen to a certain song, put on certain clothes, light some incense or roll around on the floor for a couple of minutes. Whatever gets you in that movement mood – Do it and do it every time until your body gets the gist.

Lower the expectations

In the beginning it will feel weird. No loud techno music, no magnesium on the floor, no sweaty guys flexing their biceps in the mirror. Don’t expect it to be just as when you workout at the gym or attend a class, because it will not. There is no one else there telling you what to do, there is no one else there you can spy on and there is no one else there watching you. You are all alone, so why don’t you use it!?

Dance like you are crazy in between the sets, do some of the karate kicks as warm up, make a parkour course where you jump on the sofa or crawl under the table, listen to whatever music you’d like to hear and sing along to every song. There is no one else there to see or hear you so just let it all out, have some fun and relax. Maybe the quality of the practice itself won’t be as good as if you were at the gym but hopefully you had a lot of fun and explored things you don’t normally do.

Start with the things you like to do

Maybe you have a favorite move, drill or exercise. Something that you know always works. That’s where you will start. When your done ask yourself if it felt good. If it did, then continue with one more thing. If it didn’t, then stop and do something else. Continue in this way with constant evaluation and do just one more thing at the time instead of right from the feel the pressure that you have to plan and complete have a whole session that you know will take you at least one hour. In this way there is no pressure that you have to complete something or that you will fail if you don’t. Simply take one thing at the time and stop when you feel that you are done. Maybe you can even pick up where you left a bit later during the day?

Another possible way is to follow an online program from your coach or on YouTube so that you have someone telling you what to do and all you need to do is to follow.

Do the things you enjoy

Whether it’s yoga, juggling, hula-hooping, gymnastic rings, dancing or playing with ninja swords – Do the things you enjoy and create a space for it at home. The important thing is not how you move, it’s that you move.

Now lets move

So I hope you find this useful in some way. As always, thank you for reading this and make today a great day!

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