The art of good communication

I always try to be a good fellow human being.

I always try to be honest, kind, caring and considerate.

I always try to listen, to understand and to communicate in a good way.

I read, listen and try to learn from people whom I look up to, people who knows how to communicate in a good way, how to be a good fellow human being.

Most of the time I think I’m doing quite good. I’m slowly, one step at the time, working on replacing bad behaviors that I learned growing up, that no longer favor me or my relations, with good ones.

But then, in those situations where I should have needed everything I have learned and practiced. When I should have stayed calm and stable, when I should have listened to understand instead of solving a problem, when I should have been in control of my emotions, when I should have not taken it personally and when I should have thought through my answers, I just loose it all.

I react to my emotions instead of to reason.

I look for a way to give back in the same way instead of understanding why the other person feel that way.

I look for a way to defend myself instead of listening to what is being said.

I get the “I’m right and you are wrong” attitude instead of having an open mind to understand better.

Afterwards, when I have the chance to think through it all, I realize how immature and stupid I am. I guess no matter how much we try we can never be “perfect” (whatever that is). We will always be humans with emotions and every now and then we act upon them.

The difference now from before is that I can see where I went wrong.

I can see why the other person feels and says certain things.

I can see the circumstances in a better way and not take it personal.

I don’t put blame on anyone except for myself.

I say “I’m sorry” without any extra explanation and really mean it.

I can try to do better next time.

I understand that I can’t change other people, I can only change me and do my best to be a good fellow human being.

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