We are all students

Like a week ago I had my first ever lecture as a teacher at a University. It was for the same program in Sport Science that I studied a few years ago. They contacted me already in the end of the summer and asked me to come and talk a bit about being a Coach for their new Personal trainer course.

When they first contacted me a few months ago I was happy and felt very honored. At the same time I got very scared and nervous, thinking “What knowledge and experiences do I have to offer them, I know nothing”.

This though stayed with me for a while and I almost convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough. Then I realized; they were the ones who asked me, it wasn’t me who offered myself to them. That must mean that they consider me to be good enough. So all that I have to do is to be me and the responsibility if it’s good enough or not is on them. With this new though in mind I felt more self-secure and started to plan what I wanted to share on my lecture.

When the day for the lecture came I found myself in a weird feeling. I wasn’t nervous at all. Weird… I was about to teach my first lesson for a bunch of University students and I felt very calm.

One of the reason for this was that I kinda early in the planning stage had accepted that I don’t know everything and that I wouldn’t pretend so either. All I can teach them is my own experiences and knowledge and what I don’t know at the moment I can learn later. With this I also had the intention that I wanted to raise questions and hear about their ideas and thoughts.

I didn’t want to be one of those teachers who just stood up there saying “This is the way it is”, especially not in such a complex topic as being a coach. I wanted to have a discussion about it, a two way communication rather that putting myself above them like I knew best.

After the lecture all of the students thought it was a interesting class and one of the them said to me something like “I’m so surprised that we actually talked that much, we are usually a very quiet class”. To hear this made me both so happy and sad. Happy because I got a feeling that I actually know something and that they felt that they could open up and say what they thought. Sad that they in other classes doesn’t have the same sensation. Everyone usually have a lot of interesting things to say, all they need is a safe space to talk and someone who listen to them.

In the end we are all students and teachers. We learn from each other in everything. I’m sure I learned at least as much from the students in the class as they learned from me. I’m really grateful for having this opportunity and I hope I get the chance again.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you take every chance to learn from others what you don’t know and teach them what you do know when you are asked for it

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