Epically Small Moments

A few days ago I was listening to a podcast with Brene Brown where she talked with the Duplass brothers. They discussed a topic that they liked to call Epically small moments.

For them that meant those ordinary small things that happens in your every day life that we might not put so much attention to and that we should acknowledge them more by being more aware. Because it is those small insignificant moments that is your life and if you start noticing them they can be quite amazing!

This idea got stuck in my mind and I started to think how this applies to me and then I remembered a thing that happens to me from time to time.

When I’m out walking (which I am quite a lot) can I sometimes find myself walking faster and faster, often when I have my headphones on. When this happens I try to ask myself ”What am I in a rush for?”. Most of the time there is no rush. I realize I got all the time I need to just enjoy the walk. Maybe I even take of my headphones and that’s when I start to see everything around me in a whole new way. A interesting building I haven’t noticed before although I walked this road hundred of times. A beautiful tree, people smiling, kids that are playing.

Exactly this thing happened just the other day when I was walking home from the gym. I saw a bush and all it’s beautiful colors. A bush I have seen every day when I was walking to the gym. Or let me rephrase that; I have looked at it, but I haven’t seen it. Until now. I stopped looking and started seeing.

So what I’m saying with this is not that we should never walk with our headphones off and that we always must be super connected and aware of everything that are going on around us. Because sometimes we also need to just disconnect. Put on the headphones, listen to your music or podcast and just walk alone in your own world without paying so much attention to anything else.

What I’m saying is that we should not take ordinary things for granted. If you stop looking and start seeing you might realize that your life are going on right here, right now. Not somewhere else, not in a a few months. Here and now, and if you are not careful you might miss it.

So stop for a while and remind yourself of all the small beautiful moments that are happening in your life. If you want to share it or get inspired what other people enjoy in their life just search for the hashtag #epicallysmallmoments on Instagram.

As always, thank you for reading this and you are welcome to share your thoughts on the subject. If you know anyone who you think would benefit of reading this, be a good friend and send it to them<3


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