One year of writing

One year ago I contacted a local magazine and asked if could write chronicles for them. I had already started writing a bit here on my website and I liked it. It was, and is, a way for me to get some of my thoughts and ideas into words to make it more visible and understandable even for me. Sometimes I have a thought, but when I write it down I surprise myself because that wasn’t how it looked in my head and I end up teaching myself something. At the same time I also hope that you who read this can maybe learn something or have some kind of insight from my experiences, knowledge and thoughts or at least you find it entertaining enough that it provides you with a smile or laugh.

So my intention with contacting the magazine was that I could reach out to more people and hopefully give someone a new perspective of training, movement and health that sometimes differences a bit from what the mainstream media tries to tell us. It also gave me a deadline which helped me stay focused.

So since then I have every week provided you with a text, both here and in the magazine. Even when the collaboration with the magazine ended this summer I continued to write every week, because I liked it and it had become a routine for me.

So what have I learned from this year of writing?

*Well, for one thing I have learned that I have a lot more to say than I thought from the start.

*I have learned that you can’t just wait for inspiration to come. I have a certain day every week when I write and that’s when I’m suppose to write, no matter if I feel inspired or not.

Whenever I have an idea or thought I write it down. I also have a schedule with different topics I want to write about and when I should write them. Although, this is a very loose planning and if I feel for writing about something else I do that instead.

*One of the most important insights, realizations or lessons that I am the most grateful for is that you never know who you will reach or who you will inspire. Sometimes I forget that other people actually will read this and that I’m not only writing it for myself. But then all of a sudden someone sends me a message or says to me that they really liked me recent text and I get as surprised and thankful every time.

A colleague at the gym told me how he visited a friend of his. A typical muscle, bodybuilder dude. You know the type of guy that knock backs two protein shakes for breakfast and yells “Lightweight baby!” at the gym. He had cut out one of my articles from the magazine and put it up on the refrigerator so that he could see it every day. Very unexpected.

Another of my friends who works at the hospital one day send me a picture of a billboard from their dressing room and it was filled with my articles which they had cut out from the magazine. Some sentences were even highlighted.

Shortly after I had writing an article about cold bath I went to a store to buy something. When I was gonna pay the woman who worked at the counter asked me “So did you take a bath today?”. I was all shocked and looked at her trying to remember were I knew this woman from. Then she added “Yeah, I read your article in the magazine, that’s why I recognize you”.

Countless of times people at the gym have walked up to me and said that they really liked my last article or maybe they wanted to discuss something about it.

For a long time growing up I felt that I was invisible. That people didn’t see me and that they didn’t really care what I did or said. And if they cared it was only to say that it was stupid. So now hearing all these stories, that from just reading my words people are getting inspired, that they get new ideas or perspectives or that they benefit from it in other ways. It just warms my heart and I feel a shower of gratefulness that I can help them and that I exists and I matter.

So what I hope that you can take away from this, dare to speak your thoughts and do your thing. You never know who you can inspire.

Now, for the rest of this year I’m gonna take a break from writing. I’m gonna take some time to plan for next year, because I have some ideas which I need to figure out. If you have an idea for a topic or a theme I should write about, please let me know.

As always, thanks for reading this and if you know someone that you think can benefit from this, be a good friend and sent it <3


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