Cold exposure – Part 1 of 4

To appreciate all the seasons for what they are

It was a cold and windy day not so long ago and I was out for a walk. I don’t remember where I was going. Maybe I didn’t even have a destination. Maybe it was just one of those walks for the walks sake.

What I do remember is the feeling of the cold air in my face and I remember the moment of happiness.

In this series of articles in four parts I’m gonna write about cold exposure.

  • The first part (this one) is gonna be about appreciating all seasons for what they are.
  • The second part is gonna be about why I started and maybe even more important – why I continued.
  • In the third part I’m gonna share some of my tips about how you can start.
  • And in the forth and final part I’m gonna try to look at what the science has to say about cold exposure.

So, back to the cold wind in my face and the happy moment. The reason I was happy was not because I constantly want cold wind in my face. The reason I was happy was because how genuinely I accepted and appreciated the wind in my face in that moment. I think I even stopped and closed my eyes to just feel it for a moment – really cliche.

It also made me start thinking how I have learned to appreciate all the seasons for what they are and to the best out of them instead of complaining about things we cannot control. Because if you are limited by the weather and can only do things when it’s sunny and warm you wouldn’t get much done in here in these parts of Sweden.

I have never really disliked winter though. Because winter means snow and ice and snow and ice means snowboarding and skating which I do enjoy. Although the last couple of years we have watched how climate changes have turned the white and wonderful winters of my childhood into more of a grey, wet and depressing time of the year which makes snowboarding and other activities hard around here.

Then maybe two years ago I decided to try cold bathing and last year I decided I would sleep outside, on the ground, in a tent or in a shelter, at least once every month.

These two decisions (among others) have brought me closer to nature, closer to myself and taught me the beauty of each season. Because it’s not just the cold I have learned to appreciate. I have also learned to appreciate when winter turns into spring. To feel the the first warm sunbeams. To see how everything starts to grow.

I appreciate to be outside a on a warm summer day and it’s tepid and bright nights.

I appreciate all the colors of the autumn and when the nights are growing darker which invites for candles and blankets.

The seasons gonna change whether you like it or not. So the question is; Are you gonna be depressed about it and go to a ”waiting mode” or will you make the best of the situation and see all the possibilities than every season gives you?

By being more in nature I have learned that all the things I usually do in the summer – sleeping outside, swimming, going on adventures is possible even in the winter. It’s up to you.


5 tankar om “Cold exposure – Part 1 of 4

  1. Det är så sant! Vi kan inte ändra på vädret, eller årstiden. Vårt mående beror inte på om det är soligt eller regnar. Välmående kommer inifrån, och det är då vi lär oss att uppskatta alla sorters väder och göra det bästa av varje situation.
    Vacker, och inspirerande text!

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