Motivation – Part 3 of 4

Help yourself to make good decisions

This is the third part about motivation. In the first part we discussed what motivation really is. In the second part we discussed why habits can be good. In this part we will look into how you can help yourself to make good decisions.

When we think about motivation we often think about things we want or should start doing or do more of.

Eat healthy food.


Sleep more.

Be more productive.

Take responsibility for our own actions.

Maybe we should also think about what we should do less of or stop doing and what we can do to help ourselves with that.

Eat less junk food.

Spend less time at the TV.

Not scroll your phone as much.

Stop blaming others for our own problems.

So how can we help ourselves to make better decisions?

Let me share a simple story of a situation where I help myself to take better decisions.

(Almost) Every evening before I go to sleep I turn of my phone and leave it in another room before I go to the bedroom. This one decision spares me so many other decisions I might had to take otherwise. I wrote Almost because of course it happens that I bring my phone to the bedroom. Those are the exceptions that makes the rule. Because I know, since it’s a habit, that I will leave the phone the next night.

So what this decision does for me is

  • I don’t have to decide whether or not I should scroll though Instagram for 5 minutes (which easily turns into 30) before I fall asleep, because the phone ain’t there
  • If I should wake up at night I don’t have to decide whether or not I should pick up the phone again or to scroll Instagram again in case I missed something before, because the phone ain’t there
  • I don’t have to decide whether I should answer or not if I wake up because someone is trying to call or text me in the middle of the night, because the phone ain’t there
  • In the morning I don’t have to decide whether or not I should start my day by scrolling Instagram in bed before I go up, because the phone ain’t there
  • I will have a better sleep without being disturbed and having to make a lot of other unnecessary decisions with a tired mind

Some other examples of what you can do to help yourself to make better decisions

  • Write a shopping list with the food you’re buying to not have junk food at home
  • Not go into a food store when you are hungry
  • Prepare a lunch box the day before so you don’t have to eat out
  • Prepare the training bag the day before so you just have to grab it
  • Turn off or leave your phone in another room when you are working
  • Leave the yoga mat on the floor as a reminder that you should move on it
  • Tell someone else of your goals and ask them to check up on you once in a while and make them accountable, because it’s much easier to break a promise to yourself than to someone else
  • Put a bowl of fruit on the table as a reminder to eat more fruits

So by taking control over the environment we are in and the people we surround ourselves with we can help ourselves to take better decisions or spare us from taking some decisions, which can help you to get where you want to go.

Thank you for reading and please send this to a friend that you think could benefit from reading this


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