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It was a while since I wrote here due to a lot of reasons. I prioritized other projects, getting some time for myself, moving to a new city and spending the whole summer in Greece. The idea now is to get more consistent again and the plan is to write a post every other week. I will write about training, movement, thoughts as well as interesting things that are going on and I will try to always implement some sort of practical application for your in every post, that I hope you will find valuable.


In May we moved out of our apartment in Växjö (for non-Swedish readers; it’s a quite small city in the southern of Sweden) to spend the summer in Greece (more about that later). Since the beginning of September we are now living in Gothenburg (second largest city in Sweden located on the west coast). The reason for moving is primarily that my girlfriend is gonna study her Master here, whereas for me that works perfectly fine since I’ve been thinking about moving to a bigger city for some time. Since most of my work is online I am quite adaptable to location.

After a few weeks living here I must say I like it. It’s a cozy city and we have some nice nature quite close, both nice forests, small lakes and the sea. I have already been out to see some of it, but there is still plenty left to explore. I also had some friends here since before whom I’m looking forward to spend more time with.

There are also a lot of training possibilities here. They have a big acroyoga community which I’m looking forward to be a part of. Several nice climbing gyms, so I want to pick up climbing more regularly again. I have also been around to different gyms and crossfit boxes, both to find a place for my own training but also to find a place to have classes, courses and workshops. So far I have been to a few cool places which I really liked and most of them are open for workshops – So keep your eyes open, there will probably be a lot of handstand and/or flexibility workshops going on here within the next couple of months!


For 9 weeks in July & August we lived on the Greek island of Limnos. We drove there by car through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia which took about two days. To get to the island it’s a four hour ferry from the Greek city Kavala.

Limnos might not be a very famous touristy place (at least I didn’t really know about it), but it’s apparently a good place for Kite-surfing. The main reason we went there was also because my girlfriend was gonna work there as a kitesurfing instructor.

The trip was a very cool and interesting experience. Going by car through Europe, seeing countries I have never been to and being abroad for a longer time than I have ever been before was a real adventure. Even though we didn’t really stop in any of the countries, except for a couple of hours in Skopje and Belgrade, it was fascinating to see and I definitely want to return to explore them further.

The stay on Limnos was also an eye-opener. I really enjoyed the simple life and to live more like the locals rather than a tourist gave a whole different perspective. I have a lot of beautiful memories of sun sets, sun rises, swimming in the sea, running on the beach, long walks exploring new parts of the island and so much more.

I tried kiting a few times and could eventually manage quite well (even though I’m still very much a beginner). Although it was quite fun and I really enjoyed the connection with nature, I’m not sure it’s something I will go all in at or even continue with. I can’t say exactly why yet, but I guess it just wasn’t my thing and there are plenty of other things I rather spend my time with. At least I tried it and I am happy I gave it a chance, which brings us to my first reflection – Just because you are an ”open person” it doesn’t mean you have to like everything you try. It doesn’t even mean you have to try everything that are presented for you.

My second reflection is about opinions. I used to care so much what other people thought of me, I tried to fit in so much that I eventually lost myself. Now I have learned to no really care about what other people think. I can only be me and take responsibility for myself.

Of course there are those close to me, those who are important to me, who’s opinion really matter and which I value deeply. The people I know wants the best for me and can be honest with even though it might disagree with something I say or do. It is with their help that I can stay on the path that is right for me. I really hope that you have these friends as well and I encourage you to think about who’s opinion you care about and who’s does not.

My third and final reflection is related to the previous one and concerns the groups we chose to be part of. Because it is a choice. Just as you are responsible for yourself and your actions, you are also responsible for who you surround yourself with. The people you spend your time with will unconsciously form and affect who you are, into becoming more and more like them. So I encourage you to take a look on what groups you belong to and if they represent the kind of person you want to represent. If not I hope you have the courage to do what is best for you and look elsewhere to find a group that better resonates with you and the person you want to be.

That was it for this time. I hope you you could find something of value in there and if you did maybe you know a friend you could send it to who could benefit from it as well. If not, send it to an enemy whom you wish a terrible read.



  • Conn Iggulden – The gates of Athen

A historically based novel about the war between the Persians and the Greeks, including the famous battle of Thermopylae and Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. You get to follow characters from both sides which gives you a much broader perspective. Conn Iggulden is a master in this genre and I have already read his books about Julius Caesar and the Romans as well as about Genghis Khan and the Mongols. This is a quite new book (2020) which I found by chance, but with perfect timing since I after my trip had an urge for Greek history and wanted to re-watch things like Disney’s Hercules, Troy and 300. That’s just how I work.

  • Henrik Fexeus & Darren Brown

For the last couple of weeks we have been going crazy about watching Mentalists on Youtube (look it up now), such as Henrik Fexeus and Darren Brown. It’s amazing to see how well they know, can predict and control human minds. Even though this is something that has fascinated me for a long time, and I have read several of Henrik’s books we are clearly in some kind of magic-phase right now

  • Body of Work by Jon Yuen

A new podcast by probably one of the coziest human beings on the planet – Jon Yuen. Very short episodes (sub 15 min) where Jon, with his soft as butter-voice, invites us to explore the weird, the wicked and the wonders of the human body on a serious, yet humoristic way. Go check out you podcast player – I’m sure it’s there.

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