April update

Hello friend!

We are into the fourth month of this year and I wanted to summarize a bit what has been going on so far and what’s happening in the near future. Other than that I want to provide you with some free resources, some tips for things to read, watch and listen to as well as something to practice. Lets dig in!

A quick recap

This year has started of with plenty of good things as well as some bad. From a professional perspective I have had so far taught two Acroyoga workshops and a couple of Handstand workshops. We have started with weekly classes for Movementkollektivet in Gothenburg, I’ve started worked with a few more Online students and I have started to be more active on Youtube again with a weekly follow-along class (in Swedish) which is very fun! Finally I just want to mention that about a year ago I’ve started working on a Handstand E-book. This has been on hold for quite some time now, but I feel that it’s time to pick it up and finish it!

From a personal perspective there have been some ups and downs. I have been taking cold baths every week and I have found my way back to sleeping outside every month. I also attended a super cool Breathing experience at Primal health in Halmstad. About 2 hours of deep breathing to transce music in a complete dark room. Recommended!

Trainingwise there have been a lot of Acroyoga and also a slight shift with not as much focus on Handstands at the moment (even though I still practice them every week).

There has been some injuries which had forces me to adapt my training. In February my left hand started to act up which got better when I lowered the total volume and intensity of my handstand prcatice for a couple of weeks. In March my right knee started to hurt when an old injury reminded itself. I’m still working to build it up again. Later that month I started to feel my left adductor and had to put some focus on that as well alongside with the knee rehab. In present moment as I write this I have also fucked up my back a little bit after a quite bad fall with the snowboard. I’m not sure yet exactly how bad it is but I’m gathering more and more information about it. So far I know I can move gently and it feels better when I do so. I’m not super worried about any of these things. Instead I try to focus on what I can do rather than what I can and slowly expand that window over time. Hopefully I have already gotten my shared part of injuries for this year.

Free resources

  • About a month ago I wrote a post with a complete handstand guide for beginners. It includes a lot of drills as well as how and when to use them, some theory behind the handstand and how it can be used and some ways of programming. Read it and then start your handstand journey!

Upcoming projects

  • Acroyoga workshop 10th of April – Me and my amazing friend and flyer Emelie are hosting a third Acroyoga workshop at the Gremlin Society. This time it’s focus on pops so we recommend you to have some previous experience with acroyoga to get the most out of this workshop
  • Floorwork course 25th of April – A 6 weeks introduction course to Floorwork at the Gremlin Society. You will learn some nice floor moves, some basic acrobatic skills and how to put it together to sequences
  • Acroyoga workshop for beginners 30th of April – Another workshop taught by me and Emelie. This time a beginner workshop at Fit4Fight. If you are interested in trying acroyoga for the first time or if you have tried a little bit and wants to learn more this is for you!
  • Handstand workshop 15th of May – A beginner friendly workshop if you have little or no previous experience in handstands
  • More classes at the Gremlin Society – Starting in May I will, in addition to the weekly Handstand class on fridays, also have a Flexibility class every wednesday 17.30-18.30
  • More Acroyoga and handstand workshops as well as other interesting things are in the making

Something to listen to

  • Morning Movement – Perfect playlist to start the day! Put it on an just start to move around (Also works fine any other time of the day)
  • Medieval Science – A fun and interesting podcast where a comedian and a history professor meet to talk about historical things. In this episode they discuss the topic how science was used in the medieval world

Something to watch

  • Human echolocation – A cool video showing how a blind person uses echolocation to ”see” what is around him, just as bats. A true super power!
  • Mob mentality – Derren Brown shows in an experiment how the awful people in a group can behave

Something to read

Something to practice

  • Spine rolls – Move that spine every day! Here is a super nice way that could work as a warm up to your training session, as a morning routine (maybe with that awesome playlist from before?), or maybe as movement snack during the day. Do about 10-20 reps or until your back feels smooth as butter

Until next time

That was everything for this time. I hope you could find anything of value in there. Take care, move and love a lot!

– Viktor

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