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Hello friend!

A few weeks ago I was sitting on the tram and it was one of those rare occasions when I didn’t plug my hear with headphones. Thanks to this I was able to overhear an amazing and funny conversation between some kids sitting next to me.

This reminded me that very often when I don’t plug my ears and mind with something else I can experience the world around me in a whole different way and there is usually someting interesting or funny that catches my attention.

With this said I don’t mean that we should never use head phones. I love to listen to music and a good song can enhance an experience to another level. There is a lot to learn from podcast and sometimes is nice to just disconnect from the rest of the world and go into your own bubble.

As with most things we need to find our own balance between use and misuse. This is simply a reminder that there is a whole world out there to interact with. Personally I have a few guideline I try to follow;

  • Headphones are for the city. I usually listen to something when I commute either by tram/bus, bike or walking
  • When I get to the forest, for example if I run or walk, I take them out to experience the nature as it is

Free resources

If you are interested to learn more about Acroyoga I recommend you to read this Beginner guide I wrote about a month ago. It covers the different roles, how to make it safe and some basic positions and flows including both pictures and videos. I hope you’ll find it helpful in your practice!

Upcoming projects

  • Handstand Workshop 15th of May – A beginner friendly workshop if you have no to little experience in with Handstands
  • Acroyoga Workshop 29th of May – A beginner friendly workshop if you have no to little experience with Acroyoga

Something to listen to

  • Self Discovery – A nice playlist that I like to use for meditation or when I want some soft music in the background when reading. My favorite track in there is Timeless Grace by Brock Hewitt. It enchants me every time
  • The Passive Hang episode 43 with Nil Teisner – A very interesting podcast if you are into some kind of movement practice. In this episode we get to hear some thoughts from Nil Teisner who has been a inspiration for me for a long time with his floorwork and acrobatic practice

Something to watch

Something to read

  • Your back is not out of alignment – A short and informative text debunking the obsession with alignment, posture and other biomechanical bogeymen as major causes of pain
  • The dark side of wellness – Related to the video above here is an article in the Guardian about how influencers can use social media to spread misinformation and conspiracies while calling it fitness

Something to practice

  • Horse stance Good morning – A nice drill to open and strengthen your hips. Add it as a daily movement snack or a way to work towards Pancakes and Side splits

Until next time

That was all for this time. I hope you found something you found interesting, maybe learned something new, forgot something old or got inspired in any other way. May you have a wonderful day and remember that only a fool knows everything

– Viktor

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