June update

Hello friend!

Last month have been a bit intense with a lot of fun things going on but it has also been a bit more stressful with long days and less routines and me-time that I’m used to. I have started working as a Personal trainer at Eminent Hälsostudio which have ment new clients to get to know and new routines to learn. In addition to this I am now also a proud Co-owner of The Gremlin Society which also means more responsibility and duties. I’m really excited to be part of this amazing studio! Finally me and a friend are doing our first ever Partner Acro performance which means a lot of time has been used to create a routine and practice it! Even though all of these are amazing things I’m really looking forward to find my way back to some routines again.

Free resources

If you have been to one of my classes or been coached by me in any way there is no surprise that I’m a big fan of Movement games. In a recent post I shared some fun games to play with a friend maybe as a warm up, as a movement snack or simply because Why not

Upcoming projects

  • Outdoor Acroyoga classes – Every tuesday in June me and Emelie will lead an Open level Acroyoga class in Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg. You are welcome as a total beginner or an experienced Acroyogi. After a common warm up we will find something fun for you to work on and help you to achieve it!
  • SUP Yoga – Every tuesday you can join us for a Yoga class on SUP boards at Härlanda tjärn, Göteborg. A fun experience where you can practice your paddling, be guieded through a soft yoga flow and have time for some free play!

Something to listen to

  • Breathing experience – A powerful mix of soft tunes and trance to take your breathing practice to a new level!
  • The Handstandcast episode 87 – A very good podcast to listen to if you are interested in handstands. In this episode Mikael and Emmet talks about various types of plateaus and how to manage them

Something to watch

  • The Art of life – A beautiful documentary about a man living by himself in the jungle. A good friend of mine sent me this which I am truly grateful for
  • Why more is less and less is more – A informative video about how more choices won’t make us more happy because of our brains desire to compare

Something to read

Something to practice

  • Incline Toes to bar – An idea how to practice if your goal is to do Toes to bar with straight legs and without momentum

Until next time

That was all for this time. I hope you found something interesting, maybe learned something new, forgo something old or got inspired in any other way. May you have a wonderful day and remember that a man wishing to be unhappy finds many ways to prove his cause

– Viktor

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