About me

If you for some reason would like to know more about me you can read this or even better, send me a message and we’ll talk!

I’m 29 years, living in Växjö, Sweden.

I have been training whole my life. Started with football when I was a kid. Also did hockey and floorball, tried stuff like ju-jutsu, table tennis and probably something more. One by one they all dissapeared, except for football. In addition to that I did some running and what I back then thought was strength training.

At age 21-22 something I eventually got tired of football. I had found my new goal: Calisthenics.

I wanted to do Muscle ups and handstands! So I did! But I sucked… I was weak and unflexible

Which lead me to find Gymnastic Strength training…

Which lead me to find Ido Portal and his Movement practice…

Which made me find Capoeira, Dance, Floorwork, Acroyoga, Slackline, Climbing and the list is still going on.

I want to improve myself both physically in terms of being stronger, more flexible and more adaptable by exploring diverse styles of movement, and also psychically in terms of understanding myself and others to become a better human being. I train for a sustainable, strong, flexible and pain free body that allows me to be active my whole life.

As a child I was kinda scared and shy. I didn’t dare to go on adventures and try things. I did the things I could do and I hadn’t the courage to ask for help.

Now I come to realize; You are capable of so much more than you think! And if you can’t do it, ask for help. There are so many nice people out there who wants to share their knowledge. Believe in yourself and with some help you can accomplish anything!

Are you ready to believe in yourself and ask for the help you need?