Acroyoga workshop with Emelie & Viktor

Welcome to the world of Acroyoga!

Acroyoga is a playful mix of partneracrobatics and yoga where you together with a partner or a group can explore different positions and flows. Be prepared to challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, creativity and cooperation skills.


A workshop where you will learn Side star, Cartwheel, Prasarita twist and Star as well as some of the basic Washing machines such as Ninja star and Four step. A Washing machine is basicly a flow that starts and stops in the same position which allow you to do it over and over again without interruption.

To get the most out of this workshop we recommend you to have some previous experience and to be familiar with positions such as:

  • Bird
  • Throne
  • Whale

You are just as welcome to come alone as with a partner or a group of friends. During the workshop we will mostly work in groups of 3-4 persons.


Sunday 20th of march

11.00 – 14.00

At the Gremlin Society

Gustaf Dalénsgatan 3

417 23 Göteborg


If you would like to develop your Acroyoga skills even more we are hosting two other workshops

  • Sunday 10/4 11.00 – 14.00 – Focus on Pops (”Throwing” your flyer)


Price for one workshop 600 SEK

Price for two workshops 1000 SEK

Price for three workshops 1300 SEK

Swish to Viktor Sundin at 070 573 89 02 and write which workshop you would like to attend

If you have any qustions you are welcome to contact me at or write in the form below

Hope to see you there!

//Viktor & Emelie