Flexibility at The Gremlin Society


Is it possible to be both strong and flexible?

Of course it is! You could even say they thrive together.

In this class we will aim to increase your flexibility and strength in hips, legs, spine and shoulders by working towards positions such as Pike, Side Split, Pancake, Front Split and Bridge. An open level class where you will work on your own level.

Each class will be structured after a specific theme such as Pancake & Side Split or Front Split & Bridge in which we will aim to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and movements involved.

You will learn how to use different kind of stretching methods such as Static passive, Static active and Dynamic Active. We’ll be using bodyweight drills as well as external load to build a strong, flexible and supple body.

Learn and get stronger in positions such as Side Splits, Pancake and Front splits


At the Gremlin Society

Gustaf Dalénsgatan 3

417 23 Göteborg

You need to be a member or have a clip card at the studio to participate in the classes

Improve your back bending by increasing your flexibility in shoulders, spine and hip flexors


Wednesdays at 17.30 – 18.30

Starting 4th of May

The pike is a basic position that improves your flexibilty in the posterior chain