Handstands – Balance & Entries

Feeling stuck at the wall?

This is the program for you who feel comfortable holding a 20-30 seconds handstand against the wall and want to learn how to balance!

This 8 week program will focus on drills to get off the wall to understand how to balance, as well as learning how to get consistent with your entries

  • Instructional videos for every drill
  • An 8 week Google sheet program that could be adjusted for different levels
  • Learn how to structure your own sessions
  • Get access to all potential future updates
  • Recieve feedback on your training by tagging me in your videos

You are recommended to practice 2-4 times per week, each session lasting 30-45 minutes

You’ll need wall space, floor space, a box or chair

Get it here!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the program