Introduction to Floorwork


A 6 week introduction course for beginners to learn how to move around in a cool way on the floor. Combining dance, acrobatic moves and locomotion patters you will get tools to create your own sequences and routines as well as improvise a flow.

Every class will include:

  • Some movement tasks or games to improve your coordination and playfulness
  • A floorowork specific conditioning to increase your strength and flexibility
  • Learning new moves and putting them together into sequences to improve your agility and creativity

Take a look at this trailer to get an idea of what you are getting into


This is a beinner course so no previous experience is required – You are welcome just as you are!

Maximum of 8 participants


Mondays 19.30 – 20.45

Starting monday 25/4

Ending monday 30/5


The Gremlin Society

Gustaf Dalénsgatan 3

417 23 Göteborg


1400 SEK

Swish to Viktor Sundin 070 573 89 02

Sign up can be made right away with a swish or send me an e-mail at (or just fill in the form below)

Hope to see you there!