Ina, Sweden

I think the coaching is very good and it work good with the distance, better than I though. It’s not just the handstand coaching but also the mental part as well. Viktor gives very valuable feedback and is a good judge of character and know what kind of feedback he should give (at least for me). He is very pedagogical and it’s easy to follow the programs

Mohammed, Qatar

This is totally insane for me. I have been stretching for Middle split for so long without any progress. Maybe I have been doing it wrong the whole time. Even in the Pancake my hips are starting to tilt more. I’m very happy for this progress. I guess thank you is what I want to say

Klas-Göran, Sweden

Your sessions works very well for me. I am very pleased with your way of working, my flexibility have increased more than I thought

Madeleine, Sweden

Viktor have been helping me in my handstand journey for soon six months. He has always been based on my wishes and conditions. I practice the niche sport Voltige and it’s not easy to find a good coach without voltige background who understand my needs. With Viktors knowledge I have been able to refine and improve my handstand efficient and faster than when I have been training on my own. If you would like a humble coach who think outside the box but within your conditions you have found the right one

Prateek, United Arab Emirates

Viktor and I talked before I decided and one thing he said that really stuck with me was that we were gonna change my view on handstand – from ”testing” handstand to ”practicing” handstand. This is what made me decide”

Tobias, Sweden

I passed the tests and also with good margin. I want to thank you for a good training program that was nicely adjusted for me and my needs